Guide to Magic Lamps

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  • Magic Lamps are cash item packages that have a chance to give you any of the one items inside of it with varying chances. Most Magic Lamps have a theme which they’re named after. The list of what is inside a Magic Lamp varies depending on which lamp your purchase, and the chances to get each item also vary! You can obtain Magic Lamps by buying them from the In-Game Cash Shop or our Web Mall.

    To use a Magic Lamp, you click the magic lamp from your inventory window and it will bring up the following interface:


    The continuous open was added to the Magic Lamps of Phoenix to assist users who have purchased a lot of Magic Lamps! To use this feature, make sure that you click the check box marked as “Continue Use” located on the bottom left above the "Open" button. This feature will allow all the Magic Lamps to open themselves without further interaction. The animation for Continuous Open is faster than the standard opening animation for Magic Lamps. The Lamp ­­will briefly show you the item that you have gotten from the Lamp and then that item will be transferred to your inventory. With this feature, it will continue opening lamps until you press “Stop” or it runs out of lamps.


    There is no maximum or minimum of how many Magic Lamps you can open with this feature.

    Existing Magic Lamps in Phoenix and Their Featured Item(s):

    • Royalty Magic Lamp - New Chess King/Queen Outfits, Mounts, etc.
    • Zima's Magic Lamp - Enchantment Items
    • Ghost Tiger Magic Lamp - Ghost Tiger Mount or Ghost Tiger Coins