Aesir server

  • Hello

    Playing on Aesir in BF we are all seeing low for example the highest hp we saw was 3.5k and people are damaging 5,10, 800 hp only. and a tormentor at lvl 66 is un killable, a templar is 1 hitting everyone.....we went to Edun and its normal....hp at 24k and damage is normal too. what is going on is it just an aesir bug ??

  • Hello Soulkeeper's,

    Does anyone observed that after the portal fixe's, the Tribulation's Vale Battle Vigor buff doesn't actually balance the player's?

    I entered the BF, battle start's, and i still got my stat's count, i sayd "ok, hmm, maybe everyone is in my range" so i advanced. Meet a warrior with 56k hp, lvl 74, i think again in my mind "heh, look an protector :D, he cant touch me" BUT, guess what, he was an berserker and alone wiped 7 of us in that line..... ALONE. I received 47k dmg in one hit....And this was not an isolated case, Every time i get in that BF there is a player in the other team that actually 1-2 hit us.

    The Mettle's theater is working fine, but tribulation is a nightmare if you get in the unbalanced team.

    Cyus from the Levina Server.

  • Playing STC recently several times I had a case, that my figure had been killed for the first time and that's final games for me. As far as I know everyone has 5 x resp, and here the time and the end? Interesting bug... after the restart of the game everything is coming back to the norm, but our wasted time on previous bug nobody will return us the game...