Guide to Random Dungeon Matching

  • The Random Dungeon System is not difficult to understand. The Random Dungeon is here to help players who can't find a group or a raid by pairing lower level players with more experienced players! This system gives you the opportunity to get a gearbox of the actual Attack Power you have. So once per day, after completing your 4 random dungeons, you will get a gearbox according to your actual Attack Power until you hit the gear box maximum. You can begin doing this when your attack power is at 109,000!

    To access this system press H to get the Dungeon interface:


    On this interface, you want to hit the Random Dungeon button. Pressing this button will bring up another interface:


    In this interface, you want to pick whether you want to be the Tank or Raid (DPS). This interface will tell you more information as well. It will tell you your max ever Attack Power you have ever reached, all dungeons that you've completed, the reward and different dungeons you can enter. After selecting your role, you will be able to start your matching by then clicking "Confirm". You will not be able to pick which dungeon you run - this is part of the random factor! As shown above, a gear box is only obtainable once a day (and takes 4 completed dungeons!), however you can run the Random Dungeon matching as many times as you'd like.

    Once set for Smart Matching a message will pop up on your screen:


    Once the party is full, it will automatically pop a message saying that you can enter the dungeon. Your party members and dungeons will be randomly chosen. Once you complete the dungeon you will get a Trusted Adventurer Buff and you're on your way to achievement completion and gear drops! Remember - if you leave a Random Matching dungeon too many times it will remove all of your Trusted Adventurer buff and you'll have to start all over again!

  • What are Marks of Adventurer?

    Marks of Adventurer are coins that can be used to purchase goodies from Makers of Adventurers such as Veronica in Ignea:


    Veronica offers various items for certain amounts of Marks of Adventurer. You interact with her like any other NPC and it will bring up the following menus:

    Shop.jpg Shop2.jpg

    As you can see, you can use your coins to purchase various items. These items may change over time! To purchase an item in the store, you will need to have the proper amount of Marks of Adventurer. If you have enough, you will purchase the item as you would any other store!

    How do I obtain Marks of Adventurer?

    You obtain the Marks of Adventurer by completing Random Dungeon Matchings! When you complete a dungeon with your party, you all will receive a Mark of Adventurer. Unlike the gear box that is scaled to your attack power you can only get once a day, you will always get a Mark of Adventurer for completing a Random Dungeon Matching. No matter how many times you run Random Matching!