[GM] Menrva

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  • Hello!

    Like everyone else I'm going to introduce myself so everyone knows who I am.

    So I'm the new Trial Game Master, you haven't perceived me online yet, but it will be not very far from it. (I await it :P) So what am I supposed to do right know as Trial Game Master? I can assist you in many ways, threw discord or threw the P< via the forum. So feel free to ask me anything you want and I hope I will assist you as much as you expect me to do!

    You may want to know some little things about me. In my free time I like to play video games, hang out with friends, going to the cinema and many other things you may discover over time! Since when am I playing Echo of Soul, that's what you are asking yourself and it has been a long time since I started this game. I think it was at the closed beta when I first entered this world!
    I hope to see you soon in the game as one of your new Game Master! Don't forget and feel free to ask me things if needed!

    Don't forget and feel free to ask me things if needed !