Ascendum - Edun English guild!

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  • Pretty exciting stuff, glad to see EoS division opening up for Ascendum. I may hop on to see how it is, but not sure if I will be playing.

    If anyone is looking for a guild and is willing to put in their time, this is the community to be in.

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    Wow, I didn't expect coming back to these forums haha. Well, as the voice of video at the top, I have to say that Ascendum has been my pride and joy. The community is filled with a fun, rich environment of crazy, hilarious people and - if I do say so myself, an amazing staff. Concepts is a great leader, one that I know will lead this guild in Echo of Soul into greatness.

    If you're looking for an active community, with a pretty active Discord and amazing people that love to do events such as in-game dungeons, community events, and even things like Karaoke Nights / Movie Nights / Anime Nights? Well, then this is for you, for sure.

    If you don't believe me, Hell at least listen to some of the amazing people and gaming companies that have worked with us. We know how to party.

    Join today for your True Gaming Experience. :)

  • It's our video because we have multiple divisions across multiple games :)

    EDIT: Hype guys! Servers up soon!


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  • Of course! Once the server goes up just PM Serenity and I'll more than likely be on!

    EDIT: Head to the website, follow the prompts and sign up to the division!


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  • if you are making recruitment video you could at least add footage of game your are recruiting for and not upcoming game with 3rd party channel's content. :evil:

    Hey there, I'll answer this one since I edited the video myself. In terms of the video content itself, when we first launched our community, of course we didn't have any footage because we had just started. So instead, we wanted to give a brief idea of games we play, while supporting quotes from close friends of ours. So, Elder Scrolls Online is something some of us dabble in, Secret World Legends was our first part of the community we entered as, and Ashes of Creation which most of us are waiting for. As for the song itself, I am close with the artist, Whissell and had asked permission from her and the label to use the song - as long as it's not being monetized, it was fine. Most of our videos aren't monetized.

    We are indeed working on a video compiling all of the games we've played together this year, from tiny survivor games, to MMORPGs.

    Unless you specifically meant we should have a Echo of Soul: Pheonix recruitment video, we have a time frame for that. We will definitely make one soon.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Nice! the EoS Division is opening I've been somewhat following the game for awhile and man it was it a pleasant surprise to see our community opening a division for it. If your into a close knit community and cat memes then this is the guild for you * A*)9

  • Hey! I added Serenity in game to join up but says you've not logged on in like 3 days. Is there still an Ascendum guild to join? Couldn't find it in the top 50. If so is there someone else in game I could contact?

  • My sister and I are also looking for an english guild and would like to know how to apply or contact you. Our IGN are AriellaAzura and Rachel_Rabbit.

  • hi i want to ask about this game and the population? it is good to start now? i want to play but not sure if its still good? i searched the sea server is closed in 2017 i want to know if this game is dying also? on steam chart 16 players playing eos there lol.